Swenson Whitetail Ranch was established in 2010 in Orange,Texas, as a live breeding facility for our exotic lines, including Fallow, Black Buck, Axis, and Elk.  All these lines are still in existence and roam freely around the Ranch today.  We were new to ranching, but hunting whitetails and our appreciation for the great outdoors have always run through our veins.  We've seen some nice bucks throughout the years but were unaware of the massive racks being produced through selective breeding.  After much research and deliberation, we developed a clear idea of the direction we wanted to take our ranch and breeding facilities. We received our first whitetail in January of 2011 and completed our first AI the following November.  We are proud to say the basis and foundation of our herd today is of superior quality, thanks to Lonehollow Whitetails.

  At Swenson Whitetail Ranch, we utilize selective breeding to produce the highest quality bucks money can buy. With our brand new breeding facility, we use artificial insemination to create genetically superior breeding lines. Our continued mission is to focus on quality rather than quantity by producing high caliber lines of genetically superior whitetails that turn out the biggest, and baddest bucks in the industry.

  We are proud members and supporters of the Texas Deer Association and the Deer Breeders Co-op.  All our deer are DNA certified and we are in the process of obtaining CWD certification.

"Exotic And Whitetail Deer" in Orange